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Jeff Doncaster ... Chinook Computers

Graduating High School in 1975, Jeff participated in the MPH Honor Student Program and majored in Electricity and Electronics. Polishing his skill and interests, Jeff attended SAIT Institute in 1976, directly after graduation, mastering the Digital Logic accredited program then complimenting his desires to go further, he taught a 10-day Basic Electronics Course during the Medicine Hat College school year of 1976. 

Jeff started his career in electronics back in 1975. His first job was working with business machines, and offered to him by AB Dick, fixing photocopiers. From 1977 to 1995 Jeff worked for Calgary Copier, a Canon Inc. dealer. He served as Lead Technician, Assistant Service Manager, Retail Center Manger, and Company Trainer. 

Jeff’s work with Networking, for Trans Alta Utilities, the City of Calgary, Riley's and the University of Calgary was recognized by his peers, when he was given Canon's highest honor for Technical Skill; the Grand Service Master Award. During his time with Calgary Copier, from 1977 to 1995, Jeff was sponsored to attend SAIT and trained in electronics and digital courses then taught several company sponsored personal and skill development courses designed for Calgary Copier’s employees. 

Continuing his career as a Technology Consultant, from 1996 to 1998, Jeff heightened his knowledge and skill through Zarge's International, as VP Technology for Big Picture Multimedia, and as CJ Network Technologies; a commercial web host. 

His need for education continued as he follows the development and ever changing technological growth of today’s computers, with training, servicing and maintenance of various computer systems and networks that has ranged from Windows 3.1 through to Windows 7, and servers ranging from NT 3.51 through to Window Server 2008 R2. 

Since 1998 to today, Jeff has converted CJ Network Technologies to a computer services and networking consultancy. Renamed, Chinook Computers in 2003, Jeff has assisted a diverse and innovative thinking clientele with all their computer and systems needs.