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High Performance & Quality ...


Chinook's resources and skills are geared toward small to medium size businesses, ranging from 4 to 25 computers, both independently run machines or within a network of varying degrees of complexity, including the use of telecommute technologies. 

Jeff has weeded out the junk components, and uses only with the best of the best, so when it comes to component quality, reliability, manufacturer's specifications or brand names, you are free to think only of your customers and how far you can take your business, and less time worrying about your equipment.

At Chinook, we don't believe in selling you what you don't need, but only what you require to reduce down time and accelerate profitability. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality equipment, efficient networks, and effective data backup and recovery, so you can rest assured that your company can be all that it can be.

On The Go Supports ...
As-needed-access to technical support provides virtually all services your company requires, from hardware repairs and replacement, software and antivirus installations, networking start-ups or revamps, to consultations in determining your company's needs.  

We're there when you call, not an automated voice asking you to push a series of buttons, and we'll work around your business hours to ensure any down time you experience is absolutely minimal.  


Productivity means Profits ...


Jeff has combined a unique collection of skills, including network technology, software, hardware sales and servicing, with on-demand technical support to better serve his clients and ensure their needs are met.

His many years of expertise in hardware, software, sales and technical service combined, provide top quality computer components that result in high powered personalized computer machines and networks, stabilizing client data.

When your data is stable, and your computers and network are secure, your employees can work with optimal efficiency.  Then and only then, will your company perform at its best, giving you room to grow and prosper.